Custom Warranty Processing Solution

Quantum ERP Solutions offers a comprehensive custom warranty processing solution, developed in-house and successfully installed for a number of previous Epicor clients.


Our custom solution encompasses the creation of a warranty record in Epicor for every shipped part/unit with a serial number attached to it. This will provide your business with a seamless system for warranty claim receival, tracking, and processing. Additionally, the automatically updated database of warranty and return records will give you better visibility into your business performance and help you make well-informed decisions.

Solution Details

The warranty record for each part/unit is created at the customer invoicing stage, after the order has been shipped. Once the customer invoice is posted in the system, a warranty form is automatically generated from the invoice information. The warranty information is pulled into the form from customer and sales order information, or entered manually, thereby creating a warranty record in the system.

Receival and Processing

  1. Customer sends a warranty claim via web entry
  2. The claim is received and entered into the system through a custom Warranty Claim Form
  3. The claim is reviewed, and a decision is made:
    • Reject and email an explanation
    • Grant customer with internal credit
    • Process a return
  1. In the case of return, a tracking return number is generated and sent to a customer via an integration with the Epicor Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) functionality
  2. Once return is received, the part/unit is assessed, and a decision is made:
    • Approved for repair or replacement
    • Denied with reasoning
  1. Internal tracking of resources used for the repair or replacement is enabled through a custom credit log, which generates an internal invoice with a credit number

This solution can be tailored to your specific business requirements and integrated with other platforms outside of Epicor upon request.

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