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Capture the true value of cloud ERP with manufacturing know-how to accelerate your growth and profitability. Digitally transform to capitalize on data and innovate without limits

Epicor Overview


Employee Experience

The modern workforce expects a modern work environment. Increase employee productivity and engagement with solutions that keep people connected and on track.

  • Integrate social-network-style communication
  • Empower teams to master content workflow
  • Streamline routine tasks with voice recognition
  • Ease adoption with an intuitive, guided user experience
Customer Focus: A World-Class Experience at Every Touchpoint

Get closer to your customers with more flexibility and scalability. Kinetic helps you create a positive customer experience at every touchpoint, throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Give B2B buyers a B2C experience
  • Manage territories, teams, and forecasts all from one place
  • Manage contacts, leads, and customers from any device
  • Configure complex products faster with a visual CPQ
Manufacturing Operations: Innovate with Industry 4.0 Technology

Make sure your manufacturing operations take advantage of Industry 4.0 technology. Kinetic was designed with decades of manufacturing expertise to maximize revenue with advanced project and production management.

  • Track work in progress in real time
  • Improve technical data processes
  • Increase automation and insights
Global Supply Chain Management: Greater Profitability Through Efficiency

You want greater insights, control and visibility into mission-critical processes. Kinetic simplifies global supply chain management processes so you can enhance the customer experience and stay competitive.

  • Unify multiple site views with multi-company capabilities
  • Scale globally with extensive country-specific functionality
  • Leverage advanced EDI software for transaction speed and visibility
Business Intelligence & Analytics: Clear Data for Better Decisions

Build a data-driven business with Kinetic business intelligence and analytics. Attractive, easy-to-read dashboards and reports show what’s happening across your entire enterprise.

  • Get quick answers and drill down into detailed data
  • Turn data into actionable insights
  • Monitor production in real time
HR & Finance: Create a Culture of Growth

Kinetic transforms human capital and financial management processes based on industry best practices.

  • Empower HR with feature-rich tools
  • Elevate and modernize financial management
  • Use data to make smart decisions
Product Management: Simplify Processes and Reduce Waste

Designed for the details of manufacturing, Kinetic is built to improve efficiency and communication throughout the product lifecycle.

Services & Assets: Manage Costs, Boost Satisfaction

Optimize resource management and keep customers satisfied. Epicor service management software controls the costs of meeting customer demands and streamlines a path to increased profits.

  • Supports lean service requirements and provides full visibility into potential risk and compliance issues
  • Mobile options keep teams connected from remote locations for quicker project turnaround
Risk & Compliance: Control Risk and Drive Performance

Enterprise risk management and compliance is ever-changing. Epicor designs governance risk and compliance (GRC) solutions to meet published international standards and industry best practices.

  • Simplify regulatory compliance
  • Meet audit tracking and documentation requirements with comprehensive design-to-retire PLM
  • Apply advanced user roles and security settings to restrict access as needed


Compete, thrive and grow in a connected world. Epicor ERP helps manufacturers harness data and automation to stay productive and profitable.

  • Ease user adoption with a clean, modern interface and tools to make everyone’s job easier
  • Make profitable decisions with insights to help you maximize revenue and margins
  • Do more with less when you discover new ways to collaborate, innovate and automate
  • Scale and evolve with a system that helps you keep pace with technology in the age of industry 4.0

Epicor ERP, positioned as “Visionary” in Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for cloud ERP for product-centric midsize enterprise, helps manufacturers grow, innovate and compete in today’s changing global landscape.


  • Tap into modern technologies as they become mainstream
  • Improve real-time collaboration across your enterprise
  • Accelerate insight-driven innovation with scalable analytics
  • Increase the strategic value of your IT organizations by offloading upgrades and administrative tasks to Epicor
  • Drive improved customer experience and accelerate your digital transformation
  • Go live faster with simple implementation
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