ERP Training


ERP management systems distinguish forward-looking organizations aiming to improve their operational efficiency from conventional businesses that fail to keep up with the times and risk falling behind.

However, simply implementing ERP tools doesn't guarantee that the system will perform optimally – for this, employees require adequate training to understand how to operate the system proficiently.

Quantum ERP provides training services that teach users across different departments how to use the management systems they have in place efficiently and to their fullest extent. Our training sessions include a complete walkthrough of the process via real-life and video demonstrations; we provide the necessary documentation with menu paths, step-by-step instructions, and a description of what was done to accomplish it.

As separate departments employ ERP tools in different manners and for different purposes, we make sure to differentiate the training we provide to cover the principal functional, technical, and corporate aspects that will enable every team member to use the tools at their disposal while mitigating the risk of generating knock-on effects that could compromise the entire system's functionality. 

  • Functional Training – We offer this course for end users, clients, and infrastructure providers, teaching them the fundamental aspects of ERP system use. Our training provides comprehensive details of all functional ERP modules within their system, updated versions and relevant editions, how to install, administer, and configure basic modules, and how customizations can enhance operability and ease of use.
  • Technical Training – As the name suggests, we provide this course for companies' technical teams, IT specialists, and young professionals interested in how ERP integration and customizations work. This course helps users gain a better understanding of the framework, coding languages, and best practices used for ERP development, as well as how to install ERP modules across multiple operating software.
  • Corporate Training – This training is intended for sizeable organizations using ERP solutions, as well as for businesses that are considering implementing such systems or shifting to other versions more suited to their needs. Through this course, we offer hands-on training on how to operate the company's implemented modules through interactive live demonstrations and easy-to-grasp videos. 

At Quantum ERP, we know efficient training is achieved through detailed explanations and providing the personal touch required to help all members learn how to use ERP systems, whether they are already knowledgeable or are only beginning to familiarize themselves with its intricacies. We invite you to reach out to us and let us know how we can help your team learn how to employ the tools your organization invested in.